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Another accident occurs in dangerous San Francisco crosswalk

Even though reports of pedestrian accidents appear in the news at an alarming rate, people continue to suffer from serious injuries and even loss of life after being hit by a vehicle. San Francisco is no stranger to these tragedies, which take place for a variety of reasons, from obscured road signs to a reckless drunk driver. Anyone who has been personally impacted by a pedestrian accident should closely review their options, which may include filing a lawsuit.

As a 20-year-old pedestrian was recently trying to cross a Sunset District road in San Francisco, she was struck by car. The woman was able to survive the accident, which occurred in the afternoon, but required medical care for her non-life-threatening injuries.

Although the driver of the vehicle claims they did not see the pedestrian until it was too late, they did receive a citation for failing to yield. The accident marks the third time this year that a pedestrian has been hit while trying to cross the road in this particular crosswalk, which some local residents believe is unacceptably dangerous.

Broken bones, head trauma or a crippling back injury are some of the physical problems that impact pedestrians who are fortunate enough to survive an accident. However, the financial hardships that stem from medical treatment and job loss can make recovery even more complicated. Sadly, some people pass away, which can also lead to tremendous emotional and financial difficulty for their loved ones. Anyone who is dealing with this and wants to take legal action could benefit from discussing the details of their situation with an attorney.

Source: KTVU.com, “Pedestrian injury accident in San Francisco’s Sunset causes outcry,” Debora Villalon, May 8, 2014

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