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California bicyclist dies after being hit by truck

Although any type of auto accident can be tragic, there can be an even higher risk of serious injuries and death when a bicyclist is involved. Sadly, these incidents continue to occur in San Francisco and around the country, so drivers should be especially aware of everyone they share the roads with, from other drivers to bicyclists and pedestrians. When a bike accident takes place, it can be too late to prevent another life from being lost, so drivers should keep an eye out for bikers at all times.

While she was riding her bicycle in Oakland, a 62-year-old El Cerrito woman lost her life after being hit by a semi truck. The woman was struck by a 64-year-old man from Galt. Known for her accomplishments in science, the bicyclist had just got off a ferry and was on her way home. She died at the location of the crash, around Market and Fifth streets.

After providing authorities with a statement, the truck driver was permitted to leave. Those who knew the woman were impacted by her death and had many positive things to say regarding her personality and professional accomplishments.

Bicyclists sometimes face a number of obstacles on the roads, such as drunk drivers and hectic intersections. However, if they are hit by a vehicle, the difficulties they face can be overwhelming, even if they are able to survive the incident. On top of broken bones and medical expenses, the physical injuries can prevent them from being able to work and manage their responsibilities. Anyone who is going through this could benefit from speaking to an attorney.

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