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California delivery truck driver dies in collision

From driver inattention to illegal turns and overloaded freight, there are many reasons why truck accidents take place. Sadly, these incidents are sometimes fatal. In certain circumstances, trucks can pose a significant threat due to multiple factors, such as fatigued drivers and the sheer size of a semi. In San Francisco, busy roads can make matters worse, so drivers should always be aware of the risk of a truck accident in an urban area.

After colliding with an armored truck, a delivery truck driver lost his life and was determined to have died at the location of the crash. Although a passenger in the delivery truck was unable to escape at first, the fire department managed to extract the passenger, who was taken to a nearby hospital.

Although there is evidence to suggest the driver of the delivery truck rear-ended the other truck, an investigation into the incident is ongoing. Two people in the armored truck suffered minor injuries and turned down treatment. Officials have not released the identities of those involved in the accident.

When a semi truck accident takes place, it can create significant physical, emotional and even financial burdens for those involved. On top of the emotional pain families experience when they lose someone they care about, they could struggle to cover the funeral costs. Also, even if someone survives after being struck by a truck driver, they could have serious injuries that interrupt daily life (inability to work, run errands, etc.). If you have been involved in a truck crash and haven’t discussed the accident with an attorney, you could find it helpful to talk to a legal professional.

Source: Los Angeles Daily News, “1 killed, 1 injured in Chatsworth armored truck crash,” Kelly Goff, Dec. 19, 2013

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