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California semi truck driver collides with motorcyclist

Although any vehicle accident can have tragic consequences, when a semi truck is involved, the risk of death or serious injuries is heightened due to the sheer size of trucks. Whether you drive the busy streets of San Francisco or any other part of the state, you should always be vigilant and aware of the problems that can arise from a truck accident. There are a number of factors that can cause an accident, such as truck driver fatigue and overloaded trucks. Regardless of the cause, the frequency of these collisions should be reduced.

After being struck by a semi truck that was attempting to turn, a police officer was knocked off of his motorcycle and hit the ground. He was flown to the hospital and it is believed that he will survive his serious injuries. The officer has been working for the police department for 17 years and was not responding to an urgent call when the accident took place.

The cause of the accident, which occurred in Ontario, California, has not been established. The truck driver was not injured and did not receive a citation, although he could be cited once authorities have completed the investigation.

Whether someone loses their life or is seriously injured, the ramifications of being involved in a truck accident can be devastating. Survivors could have difficulty with their serious injuries, which can interrupt life significantly, and also struggle to pay hospital bills. When someone loses their life, their families could not only be overburdened with emotional pain, but funeral costs and other expenses as well. Anyone who is dealing with these issues could find it helpful to talk with a lawyer.

Source: Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, “Ontario police motor officer injured in semi truck crash,” Melissa Pinion-Whitt, 10/8/2013

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