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California woman accused of illegally collecting workers’ comp

When workers’ compensation claims arise, the details surrounding an individual case can vary dramatically. Whether the injuries were caused by repetitive stress, a construction site accident, unsafe working conditions or any other factor, these incidents (and the types of injuries people suffer) are often quite unique. However, regardless of the details pertaining to a claim, it is imperative for anyone in San Francisco and throughout the state who has been injured on the job to receive the benefits they need to move forward. Unfortunately, some people experience legal difficulties after filing a claim, which makes thorough evaluation and taking the right approach so crucial.

A 29-year-old California woman was recently taken into custody after allegations of workers’ compensation fraud arose. The woman, who used to work as a probation officer in Los Angeles County, is believed to have illegally collected more than $29,000 in workers’ compensation benefits. Authorities apprehended the woman on wire fraud, forgery, grand theft and 14 counts of insurance fraud.

She filed for workers’ compensation benefits after claiming to have suffered an injury to her shoulder when she tried to restrain an inmate in the summer of 2013. However, investigators reportedly discovered that she was not working on the day the alleged injury took place and could not find records of the injury. According to probation officials, this incident serves as an example of the department’s attempts to address fraud.

Although some workers’ compensation cases may be fraudulent, those who have been injured at work and need benefits to cover their expenses should not be afraid of filing a claim. Anyone going through this who needs assistance could benefit from talking to an attorney.

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