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A bicyclist injured in a crash during a charity road race successfully managed to revive his case after a trial court had previously issued a summary judgment against him. The bicyclist’s defeat had arisen from his lack of proper evidence in opposition to that summary judgment motion, which was the result of the bicyclist having an attorney who was unable to perform properly due to a serious pulmonary illness. The First District Court of Appeal recently upheld the lower court’s decision to revive the case. The bicyclist’s ability to continue pursuing compensation for the damages he suffered highlights the importance of responding properly when faced with unexpected events that you could not necessarily anticipate but that could damage or destroy your case.

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Health insurance touches many parts of our lives, including how much your doctors charge for your care, since insured people often pay less than uninsured people. One way this can affect you is if you are injured in an accident. In an important ruling issued by the California Court of Appeal, the court decided that a man was entitled to recover the full cost of his reasonable medical bills. The fact that an insured person would have incurred lower costs did not affect his right to recover because he was not insured (and therefore incurred higher actual costs), so he was entitled to receive most of the $3.752 million judgment an Orange County jury awarded him.

The victim in this case was O.B., a bicyclist who was standing next to his bike on a sidewalk when he had the misfortune of being in the vicinity of an auto accident. F.C.’s vehicle collided with a vehicle driven by Nathan Heacox, with the impact sending Heacox’s vehicle crashing into O.B. The incident caused O.B. to suffer serious injuries, including, among other things, a broken pelvis that required multiple surgeries to correct and a broken kneecap.

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In the past decade, there have been more than 30,000 collisions between bicycles and cars in the Bay Area, according to the California Highway Patrol. Most cyclists escape with cuts, bruises and bent wheels, but nearly 2,000 of those bike accidents resulted in death or serious injury. Continue reading ›

Although bicycling has grown in popularity, some people aren’t aware of the dangers bicyclists face. These problems are present in many parts of the country, but there are a large number of bicyclists in San Francisco, so it is particularly important for those in the Bay Area to try and prevent another bike accident whenever they are on the road.

Because law enforcement did not ticket a truck driver for the recent death of a bicyclist, even though he was found to be at fault, bicyclists believe that the San Francisco Police Department is biased against bike riders. As a result, a hearing was held at City Hall to address their complaints.

A number of concerns were presented, including the need to address the high number of accidents and improve the efficacy of investigations. A deputy chief admitted that errors were made in this case and stated that authorities do not pick on bicyclists. However, one person claimed that in a separate incident an officer told them they were at fault simply because they were riding a bicycle.

When a bicyclist is struck by a vehicle, they could suffer from broken bones and other serious injuries. Unfortunately, some require long-term medical care or even lose their lives as a result of the bike crash. In San Francisco, CA, there are a large number of bikers and busy roads, a combination that sometimes leads to tragic collisions. Drivers should do everything they can to prevent another bike accident from ruining someone’s life, which includes obeying traffic laws and paying attention when they are behind the wheel.

A 3-year-old boy was riding his bike across a crosswalk in San Francisco when a pickup truck slammed into him. The collision left the child critically injured and he was sent to San Francisco General Hospital to receive treatment for his life-threatening injuries.

According to law enforcement officials, the truck could have pulled the boy for 10 to 15 feet and blood was visible on the road. A spokesperson for the police department says the driver, who may not have seen the child, turned around after thinking he hit something and stood at the scene of the accident in shock. Officers say the driver is cooperating after being taken in for questioning.

Bicyclists sometimes face a number of threats when they ride, from poor road conditions to a distracted or drunk driver. In San Francisco, the high number of bicyclists and busy streets can lead to disaster. When a bike accident takes place, it could cause a fatality or the need for long-term medical care. As a result, it is imperative for bicyclists and drivers to always follow traffic laws and be cautious every time they take to the road.

According to law enforcement officials, a bicyclist turned left abruptly, putting himself directly in front of traffic. After he made the turn, an SUV struck the biker, causing the 73-year-old man to hit the windshield.

Authorities stayed at the scene to investigate the incident, which occurred at 2:15 p.m. in Watsonville, for a number of hours. The driver of the SUV, a 43-year-old woman from Watsonville, was heading north on Salinas Road while driving to a football game her son was playing in. She had two children in the vehicle with her when the crash took place and claimed to have been in shock following the collision.

Although any type of auto accident can be tragic, there can be an even higher risk of serious injuries and death when a bicyclist is involved. Sadly, these incidents continue to occur in San Francisco and around the country, so drivers should be especially aware of everyone they share the roads with, from other drivers to bicyclists and pedestrians. When a bike accident takes place, it can be too late to prevent another life from being lost, so drivers should keep an eye out for bikers at all times.

While she was riding her bicycle in Oakland, a 62-year-old El Cerrito woman lost her life after being hit by a semi truck. The woman was struck by a 64-year-old man from Galt. Known for her accomplishments in science, the bicyclist had just got off a ferry and was on her way home. She died at the location of the crash, around Market and Fifth streets.

After providing authorities with a statement, the truck driver was permitted to leave. Those who knew the woman were impacted by her death and had many positive things to say regarding her personality and professional accomplishments.

Although riding a bicycle is an excellent way to exercise and can help save money, when a car hits a bicyclist it can lead to serious injuries and even loss of life. In San Francisco, there are busy streets and a lot of bicyclists, so everyone on the road should be vigilant and try to avoid a bike accident at all costs. When these types of accidents take place, they are particularly dangerous and often cause life-threatening injuries.

After being struck by a vehicle while riding his bike, a 72-year-old man from Morro Bay was taken to the hospital with very significant injuries. The accident, which took place on Highway 1 right before 13th street, occurred in the evening at roughly 6:18 p.m.

The driver, who also resides in Morro Bay, told authorities that he noticed the man on the right side of the road before the bicyclist took a left turn, which was right into the path of his vehicle. The driver was not arrested by the California Highway Patrol.

Lots of bike accidents result in injury, but for some San Francisco residents they result in fatality. When this happens, surviving family members experience the heart-wrenching truth that motor vehicles and bikes share the road, but not always in harmony. San Francisco bike accident attorneys file wrongful death suits on behalf of the deceased and their survivors.

Bike riders are just no match for the muscle of a motor vehicle when a collision occurs. Last month a 24-year-old woman was killed in a bicycle accident in San Francisco after a food delivery truck collided with her. The woman was riding on a busy road when the accident occurred. The driver was eventually found to be at fault after video showed law enforcement what happened. Apparently he made more than one error which contributed to the crash.

Now the family is trying to hold the driver, and his employer responsible, in a civil court of law, filing a wrongful death lawsuit. Criminal action has not yet been taken and it is uncertain whether the driver will be formally charged. The woman was rushed to local hospital with severe head trauma and died before her mother could arrive. It is unknown how much the family is asking the driver and his employer to pay.

When it comes to riding bicycles, many people understand the various benefits that bikes offer. Not only are they eco-friendly and economical, but an excellent way to exercise as well. However, some bicycle riders in the Bay Area have to worry about the risks associated with riding a bicycle in an urban environment, especially sharing the road with cars and trucks. In some cases, a bike accident can seriously injure a cyclist or result in death.

After a woman was recently killed by a truck driver while riding her bike, proponents are pushing for San Francisco streets to be redesigned to accommodate bikers better. The victim, who was initially blamed by law enforcement until video footage showed she was a victim, was struck while heading to work. Other fatal crashes involving bicycles and trucks have occurred this year in the same area, causing bicycle proponents to see a need for change.

Some bike riders believe that law enforcement is biased, noting that the drivers in these other deadly incidents were not charged with a crime. They believe law enforcement does not respond to these accidents properly, with some even believing that they tend to side with drivers. Meanwhile, the city’s district attorney office will be given information pertaining to the investigation from law enforcement in order to decide whether or not charges should be filed against the truck driver.

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