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If you were injured in a drunk driving accident — in the other vehicle or as a pedestrian — the experienced Pacifica Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys of Galine, Frye, Fitting & Frangos can represent you in a lawsuit for damages. In certain cases, punitive damages may apply. Call 650-345-8484 or email us today.

Hit by a Drunk Driver?

Many drunk driving accidents result from unsafe lane changes, crossing the center line, rear-ending or running through red lights or stop signs. This sudden impact at high speed often intensifies injuries because the victims had no chance to react. Our Pacifica law firm has successfully represented DUI accident victims across the San Francisco Bay Area.

NOTE: It is not necessary to prove that the person was legally drunk. We have collected full compensation even if the person was not convicted of driving under the influence. If the police report or witnesses indicate the driver had been drinking at all (or using drugs), we have access to experts in accident reconstruction, toxicology and human factors who can demonstrate how the driver’s vision, judgment, motor skills and reaction times were impaired. Call 650-345-8484 or contact us online

Bicycle safety has been a priority in Bay Area cities; especially San Francisco and Berkeley, where bicycle traffic is mixed with narrow streets and heavy motor vehicle traffic. It is no secret that bikes are a popular mode of transportation as Californians enjoy the unseasonably warm spring weather. However, the safety system eminating from a region who just got spring…last week is touted as being the standard all cities should follow.

Minneapolis, Minnesota will host one of two national bike safety summits this year. Essentially, the state increased the number of riders over the last four years while bicycle deaths have decreased in each year.

The summit will include state and local transportation planners, bike safety advocacy groups and retailers of safety equipment. There will be panel discussions on the efficacy of bike boulevards, expos on safety procedures and tours of bike friendly streets around the city.

A recently released report by the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition enumerated the most dangerous intersections in San Francisco – which has led to questions about why safety measures have not been implemented to make these intersections safer.

In a recent statement to the San Francisco Examiner, the executive director of the Coalition, Leah Shahum, asked why the police department and the local transportation agency had not developed a more aggressive stance to prevent accidents in these intersections.

Shahum noted that other cities with similar problems had instituted strategic plans to deal with the issue of pedestrian and bicycle accidents. The San Francisco Examiner quotes her as saying, “We want to know what the SFMTA’s [San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency] strategic plan is for these intersections.”

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