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Cyclist death in San Francisco results in wrongful death suit

Lots of bike accidents result in injury, but for some San Francisco residents they result in fatality. When this happens, surviving family members experience the heart-wrenching truth that motor vehicles and bikes share the road, but not always in harmony. San Francisco bike accident attorneys file wrongful death suits on behalf of the deceased and their survivors.

Bike riders are just no match for the muscle of a motor vehicle when a collision occurs. Last month a 24-year-old woman was killed in a bicycle accident in San Francisco after a food delivery truck collided with her. The woman was riding on a busy road when the accident occurred. The driver was eventually found to be at fault after video showed law enforcement what happened. Apparently he made more than one error which contributed to the crash.

Now the family is trying to hold the driver, and his employer responsible, in a civil court of law, filing a wrongful death lawsuit. Criminal action has not yet been taken and it is uncertain whether the driver will be formally charged. The woman was rushed to local hospital with severe head trauma and died before her mother could arrive. It is unknown how much the family is asking the driver and his employer to pay.

Regardless of whether a bike crash results in injury or death, it’s important to realize that it can prompt legal process to ensue. People involved in bicycle accidents, or their surviving family members, may benefit from speaking with experienced bike accident attorneys.

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