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Entire family killed in California car accident

Although every serious car wreck has the potential to claim lives, some are especially tragic. Unfortunately, these wrecks can sometimes be prevented and represent another loss of life that should have been avoided. In San Francisco, CA, there are many reasons why an auto accident takes place, such as a distracted driver or someone who is intoxicated while behind the wheel. In order to try and save more lives, the upsetting news stories that appear from time to time should remind everyone of the importance of safe, responsible driving.

While they were heading to a theme park in Southern California on Mother’s Day, a family of five lost their lives after an out-of-control delivery van struck the car they were riding in. Although an investigation is ongoing, many believe speed is a significant concern on the street that the wreck occurred on.

The driver of the delivery van, who was reportedly going to pick up Mother’s Day flowers, survived the crash. He claims to have only diverted his attention momentarily, before the delivery van he was driving flipped onto the family’s vehicle. The incident happened in Hesperia shortly before 7 a.m.

As if those who have had their lives interrupted after a car collision don’t have enough pain and suffering, these wrecks can lead to financial hardship as well. With medical expenses, lost wages and even funeral costs, the financial impact of an accident can be particularly devastating for those who are already dealing with tremendous physical and emotional pain. Anyone who is facing these obstacles and wants to receive the compensation they need to move forward could benefit from reaching out to an attorney.

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