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How to stay out of motorcycle accidents

The speed, excitement and sense of freedom that riding a motorcycle brings can be exhilarating. However, with the riding experience comes certain dangers, especially if the bike is not in perfect working order. Bay Area motorcycle owners have their preferences, but a recent Consumer Reports survey shed light on which bikes are the most reliable.

According to a study of 4,000 motorcycle owners, Yamaha, Kawaski and Honda fared better than traditional powers BMW and Harley Davidson. Some who were surveyed cited repair costs, high costs of accessories, and premium gas as their reasons for choosing Japanese models. Nevertheless, riders of the lighter and more agile models were more likely to be injured in accidents.

Regardless of the hazards associated with each motorcycle, riders have to be diligent on the roads because drivers often do not see them (even though they should). With that, below are a few tips to stay safe on the road.

Be visible – This may seem obvious, but many accidents occur because a rider tries to punch past a motorist who did not check their blind spot before changing lanes or turning. Make sure to use running lights at all times and wear bright colors.

Pay close attention at intersections – Since it is common for drivers to run red lights (or slam on brakes to avoid crossing through an intersection) motorcycle riders should be especially careful. Also, since many car accidents occur at intersections, the chances of a rider being injured increases as well.

Don’t ride drunk – Just like it affects a driver’s judgment, alcohol may cause you to take unnecessary chances. Riding a motorcycle while under the influence is also a crime.

Source: ABC 7 News.com, Consumer reports reveals new information on most reliable motorcycle brands, April 16, 2013

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