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Police officer loses life in California truck accident

There are a number of reasons why truck accidents take place, such as an unqualified or drunk truck driver, negligent truck maintenance and more. These wrecks can claim lives and cause serious injuries, making life very difficult for those involved. In San Francisco and throughout California, people continue to experience hardships following a truck accident. These tragedies should remind drivers of how dangerous the roads can be and the importance of obeying traffic laws.

A recent accident involving a dump truck and a Los Angeles Police Department patrol vehicle claimed the life of an officer. The crash, which occurred in Beverly Hills, also left the driver of the truck and another officer critically injured.

It appears that the brakes on the truck may have failed and that they could be responsible for causing the wreck. Furthermore, the roads in that area are known for being considerably steep and difficult for truck drivers to manage. Surrounding roads were closed while authorities investigated the incident.

From speeding to defective auto parts, there are a number of factors that can play a role in truck accidents. Furthermore, when someone decides to take legal action, the unique details surrounding an incident could be very important. Not only do these accidents often cause significant physical and emotional suffering, but they can be very costly as well. With hospital bills, funeral expenses and even lost wages, victims of truck accidents sometimes struggle financially due to the crash. Anyone who is experiencing these issues and wants to move forward could benefit from talking to an attorney.

Source: NBC Southern California, “Brake Failure on Truck Might Have Led to Crash That Killed LAPD Officer,” Jonathon Lloyd, Nyree Arabian and Tena Ezzeddine, Mar. 7, 2014

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