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Questions raised after death of San Francisco bicyclist

When it comes to riding bicycles, many people understand the various benefits that bikes offer. Not only are they eco-friendly and economical, but an excellent way to exercise as well. However, some bicycle riders in the Bay Area have to worry about the risks associated with riding a bicycle in an urban environment, especially sharing the road with cars and trucks. In some cases, a bike accident can seriously injure a cyclist or result in death.

After a woman was recently killed by a truck driver while riding her bike, proponents are pushing for San Francisco streets to be redesigned to accommodate bikers better. The victim, who was initially blamed by law enforcement until video footage showed she was a victim, was struck while heading to work. Other fatal crashes involving bicycles and trucks have occurred this year in the same area, causing bicycle proponents to see a need for change.

Some bike riders believe that law enforcement is biased, noting that the drivers in these other deadly incidents were not charged with a crime. They believe law enforcement does not respond to these accidents properly, with some even believing that they tend to side with drivers. Meanwhile, the city’s district attorney office will be given information pertaining to the investigation from law enforcement in order to decide whether or not charges should be filed against the truck driver.

When someone is involved in a bicycle accident, it can have a significant impact on both them and their families. Some people who were in a crash have to deal with physical injuries, while other families mourn the loss of a loved one. As if this isn’t difficult enough, these accidents can be financially devastating. From hospital bills to funeral costs, the charges are often overwhelming. For anyone struggling with this issue, it might be helpful to contact an attorney.

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