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San Francisco bicycle accident leaves boy injured

When a bicyclist is struck by a vehicle, they could suffer from broken bones and other serious injuries. Unfortunately, some require long-term medical care or even lose their lives as a result of the bike crash. In San Francisco, CA, there are a large number of bikers and busy roads, a combination that sometimes leads to tragic collisions. Drivers should do everything they can to prevent another bike accident from ruining someone’s life, which includes obeying traffic laws and paying attention when they are behind the wheel.

A 3-year-old boy was riding his bike across a crosswalk in San Francisco when a pickup truck slammed into him. The collision left the child critically injured and he was sent to San Francisco General Hospital to receive treatment for his life-threatening injuries.

According to law enforcement officials, the truck could have pulled the boy for 10 to 15 feet and blood was visible on the road. A spokesperson for the police department says the driver, who may not have seen the child, turned around after thinking he hit something and stood at the scene of the accident in shock. Officers say the driver is cooperating after being taken in for questioning.

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