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Workers’ comp charges impact California employer

Although there are many things for an employer to focus on, compliance with workers’ compensation laws and regulations is imperative. There are numerous pressures that can always arise, but the penalties for workers’ comp violations (such as fines and potential imprisonment) can be especially tough. If you are a business owner in San Francisco, it is smart to make sure you understand California law and are able to provide employees with quality workers’ compensation in case a workplace injury accident ever occurs.

After an insurance company alerted the Monterey County DA’s Office in 2009, a California business became the focal point of an investigation. According to investigators, the business owner was reporting fraudulent information in order to lower his insurance premiums.

While the man faces over six years in prison, the district attorney’s office has stated that he will be put on probation. The Employment Development Department became involved in the investigation to determine just how much this employer failed to pay and estimates that he owes $294,594 in restitution (on top of penalties and fines).

When an employee becomes injured on the job, a multitude of problems can arise. For example, if a construction site accident causes a worker to have a permanent disability, they could have hefty medical expenses, lost wages and be unable to ever find employment in that line of work again. As a result, employers should make sure that their employees are taken care of in case they ever become injured while working. For anyone with questions pertaining to workers’ compensation, talking to an attorney could be helpful.

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